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Board Member Application

Board Members' General Duties & Responsibilities 

(Reference Section II WSFFA Board of Trustees)  

In addition to the specific duties and responsibilities which are required by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, each Board Member shall:  

  • Serve and function on WSFFA Committees when requested to do so;  
  • Attend, to the greatest extent possible, all meetings and take an active part in the deliberations and actions of the WSFFA. Notify the President or Secretary of any planned meeting absences
  • Act as the liaison from the member's sponsoring department and as the liaison from the WSFFA to the  sponsoring department and local region;  
  • Report on the WSFFA activities and business whenever and wherever such reports are requested or  necessary; 
  • Promote programs that are in the best interests of the WSFFA, and communicate all information of  mutual interest; 
  • Act as a representative of the WSFFA and the sponsoring department to further the growth and purposes of the Association, with respect to Department, Personal, and Sustaining Members;  
  • Act in a professional manner to enhance the image of the WSFFA; 
  • Strive to improve the proficiency and the image of the volunteer fire service and to support programs  and activities which will tend to reduce loss of life and property and improve the quality of the fire  service; and  
  • Support the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the WSFFA.  

Vacant Board Positions

(Reference Section II WSFFA Board of Trustees)  

  • The Board may fill vacant Board positions from time to time. For an individual to be considered for a position, a person must:  
    • Be a member in good standing with a member department; 
    • Submit a completed Board member application;  
    • Submit a letter of recommendation/support from his/her department; and 
    • Attend one WSFFA Board meeting.  
    • Perform the duties as defined in Article IV Section of the Constitution of the Washington State Fire  Fighters’ Association
  • Vacant positions shall be filled in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Corporation. The Board may also take into consideration the geographic location of the person's department when filling an unexpired term.  
    • Regularly evaluates and reviews the Association's operations and maintains standards of performance;
    • Monitors the activities of the Association, including:  
      • reviewing reports of appropriate committees;  
      • confirming, modifying, or rejecting proposals;  
      • counseling and providing good judgment on plans of committees or the Executive committee; and 
      • considering, debating, and deciding issues. 
  • Public and Community Relations 
    • Gives sponsorship and prestige to the Association and inspires confidence in its services;  
    • Understands and interprets the work of the Association to the community;  
    • Relates the services of the Association to the work of other agencies and focuses on social reform and progress in the community as a whole; and  
    • Represents the Association by attending meetings, funerals, memorials, and other functions as required.  
  • Personnel 
    • Selects and evaluates the Executive Committee, Secretary, and Treasurer;  
    • Approves policies that govern the administration of personnel; and  
    • Participates in recruitment, selection, and development of board members, where primary responsibility for this activity is assigned to a nominating committee.
  • Finance 
    • Approves and monitors the corporate finances of the Association;  
    • Creates a financial climate for fulfilling the Association's purpose;  
    • Sees that sufficient funds are available for the Association to meet its objectives
    • Authorizes and approves an annual audit.  

Position: Board Member

(Reference Section III WSFFA Board Position Descriptions) 

  • Purpose 
    • Together with other members of the Board, a Board Member is legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Association. The Board is solely responsible for determining Association policy, approving the annual budget, and determining the goals of the Association. 
  • Key Areas of Responsibility  
    • Policy Administration 
      • Establishes and/or continues the legal or corporate existence of the Association; 
      • Ensures that the Association meets legal requirements for the conduct of the Association's business and  affairs;  Responsible for adopting bylaws and ensuring that the Association operates within them;  
      • Acts on proposed revisions to the bylaws; 
      • Adopts policies that determine the purpose, governing principles, functions, activities, and courses of action of the Association; and  
      • Assumes ultimate responsibility for internal policies which govern the Association.  
  • Evaluation 
    • Demonstrates interest in the Association’s mission;  
    • Has specific experience and/or knowledge in at least one of the following elements: administration, finance, personnel, program development, evaluation, public relations, or communications;  
    • Must be a member of a member department;  
    • Has a letter of support and recommendation from the Chief of the member department; and 
    • Has the time available to perform duties

Please read the above requirements before applying. Your application will serve as acknowledgment and understanding of the duties and responsibilities listed.

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Basic Information

Fire Department

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Can be found on your Voter Registration Card or click here

Can be found on your Voter Registration Card or click here

Do not include traffic offenses for which the fine was less than $200. If yes, please explain below.

Education: High School

Education: College or University

Education: Technical or other

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Additional Questions

Please include offices held and dates of terms

WSFFA Board of Trustee meetings are held on Saturdays 6 to 8 times per year.

Other Board assignments generally occur on weekdays during regular business hours.

Provide a brief summary, including the time frame, of your participation in departmental assignments that have provided a benefit to your department’s mission. (Example: Apparatus Specification Committee, Policy Review Committee, etc.)  

Provide a brief summary, including time frame, of your participation in activities that have provided a benefit to a  department other than your own, a regional, or state fire service organization. (Example: local-regional training  programs, state-wide committees, organizations, etc.)  

Provide a brief summary, including the time frame, of your community involvement not related to the Fire Service.  (Example: local PTA, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, etc.)  

Describe training you have received that you see as beneficial in your prospective role as a WSFFA board member. (Example; Fire Service management, personnel management, specialized training, or career training of  benefit to the organization.)  

Describe three personal accomplishments that you feel have enhanced your life. These do not need to be within the scope of the fire service.  

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